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  • Fact: Less than 20% of all financial advisors have a written plan or have read it in the last 30 days!
  • Fact: Without a written plan, you lose track of your goals and can't break through to your next level!
  • Fact: Without a written plan, you DEFAULT back into your old patterns and behaviors costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars of income each year.
  • Fact: Most firms, practice management consultants, and other coaches either have no strategic planning process or a very poor one (think 2-3 pages).


Why doesn't every financial advisor create a written strategic plan each year?

In my nearly 30 years of only coaching financial advisors and after over 65,000 individual coaching sessions, I have found the following reasons why we have such an industry disconnect.

  • Your plan was too analytical or numbers-driven. It does not inspire action!
  • Your plan was done for the wrong reasons (management).
  • You planned in the past and failed to achieve your goals–ouch!
  • Your plan was incomplete, and you did not know what actions to take daily.
  • Your plan creates conflicts between your economic goals and what's personally important to you.

Preview Key Elements of The Program.

Watch This Short Video Hosted By Coach Joe Lukacs as He Explains The Various Modules of The Program

Over nearly 30 years, I have helped thousands of advisors worldwide create powerful, actionable, and accountable Strategic Plans. I have also hosted live multi-day strategic planning events, where I invite my clients to visit with me and create a powerful strategic plan for the following year. I have continually refined my strategic planning process over that time to where, this year, I have enhanced our powerful strategic planning process even further.

What would happen to your results in 2024 and the decade beyond if you had access to the industry's only dedicated 10-year strategic planning conference created by the industry’s top expert in business/strategic planning?

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Our Magellan Vision 10X Process


You will set aside time to complete the following: A detailed review of your 2023 results. This will include several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Understanding Your Current Mindset (My Operating System) E-Learning Presentation. You will understand WHY you procrastinate. Why do you struggle to break through to the next level) This is a system to help you grow both personally and professionally.


Module #1: Mastering Your Mindset Part 1. (What has held you back from your ultimate success?)

Module #2: Mastering Your Mindset Part 2. (Who do you need to become in order to achieve your ultimate life & business?


Module #3: Gratitude & Goals. Come join us on the beach in Fort Lauderdale for a powerful sunrise gratitude and goal-setting workshop.

Module #4: My Personal & Business Vision For The Next 10 Years. What, Why, Who (40-Quarters)

Module #5:  My 3-Year (12-Quarter) Vision

Module #6: My One-Year Vision/Goal Game Plan (4 Quarters)

Module #7: My Personal & Professional Development Game Plan

Module #8 My Strategic Calendar

Module #9 My Game Plan For Period #1

Module #10 My Morning Success Ritual

Module #11 My Weekly Game Plan

Module #12 How to Stay On Track in 2024 By Utilizing The Power of Magellan Network.

Bonus #1 Membership In Our Magellan Vision 10X Online Community.

Once the retreat is over, you will not be alone. You will have access to all the replays, tools, and templates. You can post questions and get support from Coach Joe and the team.


My Personal Guarantee to You

Take action now and get access to this limited-time masterclass. Complete the entire business planning process. If you do not believe it's worth at least 10X your investment, just let my team know, and I will personally make sure you receive a full refund of your masterclass fee. I will put my nearly 30 years of excellent reputation in the industry on the line and take all the risk!

Coach Joe Lukacs

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