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What Would Happen to Your 2019 Business Results if You Created a Strategic Plan That Actually Inspired You & Gave You Clarity on HOW & WHY to Have Your Best Year Ever in 2019!

Fact: Less than 20% of all financial advisors have a written plan or have read it in the last 30 days!

Fact: Without a written plan, you lose track of your goals and can't break through to your next level!

Fact: Without a written plan, you DEFAULT back into your old patterns and behaviors costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars of income each year.

Fact: Most firms, practice management consultants, and other coaches either have no strategic planning process or a very poor one (think 2-3 pages).

I have a question for you. Why doesn't every financial advisor create a written strategic plan each year? 

In my 25 years of only coaching financial advisors and after over 50,000 individual coaching sessions I have found the following reasons why we have such an industry disconnect:

•   Your plan was too analytical or numbers driven. It does not inspire action!

•   Your plan was done for the wrong reasons (management).

•   You planned in the past and you failed to achieve your goals–ouch!

•   Your plan was incomplete and you did not know what actions to take daily.

•   Your plan creates conflicts between your economic goals and what's personally important to you.

Over the past 18 years, I have helped thousands of advisors worldwide create powerful, actionable, and accountable Strategic Plans. I have also hosted live multi-day strategic planning events, where I invite my clients to visit with me and create a powerful strategic plan for the following year. I have continually refined my strategic planning process over that time to where, this year, I have created a brand new and much more powerful strategic planning process for you.

No other coach or consultant has the expertise and system you need to create a plan to achieve your goals.

In the past, the only way for you to access my process and create your plan was to attend my annual Strategic Planning conference held this year in Fort Lauderdale (which sold-out weeks before the event). Now I have decided to “virtualize” the entire program and make it available to you. You will have access to the industry’s most complete strategic planning conveniently, with the travel hassles or cost.


2019 can be your Best Year Ever!

BIG and SUCCESSFUL Business Results by Creating a Strategic Plan that would actually INSPIRE you to take action and give CLARITY on your HOWs & WHYs.

Here is what I am going to help you do in order for you to achieve your best year ever in 2019.


Phase #1:

Your 2018 Review, Benchmarking, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) 

•   A detailed review of your 2018 results. This will include several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

•   Review of the MYOS (My Operating System) E-Learning Presentation. (You will understand WHY you procrastinate. Why you struggle to break through to the next level)

•   You will benchmark yourself against 18 critical success factors that all advisors need to master.

Phase #2:

Your Strategic Planning Process:

•   Module #1: My Goal Setting & Goal Clarification. (You will experience the most powerful and organized goal process in our industry today).

•   Module #2: My Ultimate Life, Business, & Me. (Let’s design your life, your business, and you with absolute clarity.)

•   Module #3: Mastering MYOS Part 1. (What has held you back from your ultimate success?)

•   Module #4: Mastering MYOS Part 2: (Who do you need to become to achieve your ultimate life and business?)

•   Module #5: My 5-Year Strategic Plan. (Let’s breakdown your big picture vision into a 5-year roadmap

•   Module #6: My one-year goals and objectives (Let’s design your 2019 game plan & goals in detail)

•   Module #7: My Branding, Marketing, & Business Development. (What is your message? How do you attract new business? Why do you deserve the business?)

•   Module #8: My 90-Day Plan: (You will create a simple yet powerful 3-page tactical plan that you will review each day and keep by your side all year).

 Module #9: My Daily Game Plan. This one-page daily game plan builder is the tool that will keep you focused and on-track throughout 2019.  

Your $1494 BONUS!

•   You will have access to me for 6-months as a member of my Magellan Coaching Network. You can post questions to me directly and I will help you fine-tune and implement your plan.

•   You will have access to me live because each month I host a Zoom Coaching Cast for Magellan Network members.

•   You will be able to schedule a 30-minute private integration call with me personally.

"Joe has provided more value to me as a business professional than anyone else I have met in the industry. I look back at how much I have grown and evolved over the years and am in awe of how far I have come in such a short period of time. His experience, ideas and interest in me and my goals (personal and professional) are what I value most about him. "

Jay Mooreland
Speaker, Educator, Behavioral Coach

"Joe's process works. I think of him as one of the executives on my team and am honored to have him in my corner. He helped transform me from a practice owner to a business owner. Contact me anytime for a more thorough walk through of my experience with Joe. "

Thomas Martin
Industry Leading Visionary

"I have worked with Coach Joe for over 5 years now. I wish I had hired him 10 years ago when I first started in this business. Joe has helped me realize my fears and how to work through them. One of the most important things he has helped with is creating a business plan and then keeping me accountable for the goals I have established for both personal and business. I am excited as we continue to work toward his Advisor 2015 model for my practice. I know there are all kinds of coaches and coaching groups out there, but if you want one that truely cares about you and your success you need to hire Joe."

Phillip Statler
President at Statler Financial Services Inc

"Joe Lukacs is one of the top coaches in the industry. He has worked with hundreds of advisors and helped them to substantially improve their production AND their lives. His new coaching program is truly innovative and fees are based on how much he is able to help grow an advisor's business. I would highly recommend Joe if you are considering a professional coach."

Mitch Vigeveno
Mission Critical Positions Filled| Financial Advisor Placement | Succession/Continuity

"Coach Joe has been critical to our success, not only in business, but in life. His coaching style makes us feel like he is not just a consultant but an integral part of our team. We are at the top of our game with Joe at our side. If you are just starting in the business, or a seasoned veteran, remember, even Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have coaches. Don't think about hiring Joe. JUST DO IT."

Anthony Parr, CFP®
Managing Director-Investments at The Parr McKnight Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

My Personal Guarantee to You

Take action now and claim your spot to this limited-time offer. Complete the entire business planning process. If after the end of the process, you do not believe it's worth at least 10X your investment, just send me your completed workbook and files. I will personally make sure you receive a full refund of your course fee. I will put my 25 years of excellent reputation in the industry on the line and take all the risk!

Coach Joe Lukacs




What advisors say about Coach Joe & the Magellan Strategic Planning System

"Joe brings to the table a unique skill set that includes a very different approach to creating wealth and balance; two areas in my professional life that in the past seemed diametrically opposed and eluded me. Joe is certainly an “out- of- the -box” creative thinker in the financial services arena. He actively pushes you once engaged to create your own destiny despite any poor behavior patterns you might bring to the table. He will smell your excuse or negative belief system a mile away. Joe requires you to establish rules for success and lives by the same. One of the rules that have helped me grow my practice well over 300% in the past two years is to constantly make emotional deposits in the way of personal and professional development. Tiger Woods has a Guru/Coach, why can't you? Take the Journey with Joe; it will not be a waste of your time or his. "

Mark Scribner
First Vice President-Investments, Senior Fundamental Choice Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

(A) You will download the planning document in PDF. It is editable, so you can either handwrite or type-in your responses. Each section has video that I created to walk you through each step of the process.

(A) My Magellan Strategic Planning System is built SPECIFICALLY for financial advisors, insurance professionals, financial planners, and any financial professional, independent or firm oriented. This system is adaptable to any country.

(A) My short answer is absolutely. In fact, most coaches in our industry don’t offer or have such a basic planning process it cheats the advisor. My planning process is the best in the industry by far.

(A) You are NEVER on your own. That is why I am including a 6-month membership in Magellan Network ($1494 Value) for free. You can video chat with me, message me, come spend the day with me live at one of our Magellan Strategic Coaching Days held throughout the United States in 2019.

(A) I want all advisors to have access to my system. There is a 3-pay plan that will allow you to cashflow the system for 90-days


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