How to Set Yourself Up for Your Best Year Yet in 2019

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As we get towards the end of 2018 there are a few things you need to think about. You have probably exited 2018 in one of three different conditions. Number one you had a great year, number two it's been an okay year, or number three it's been a year to forget.
Here is why this is important:
If you had a great year in 2018 you need to be careful when you get into 2019 because your brain is going to think "how am I going to do this again?" Before you forget you need to find out how you managed and memorialize the fact that you pulled this off.
What I want you to focus on is the behaviors, the habits, the mindset, and the approach you had to pull this off in 2018.
Now if you're in the second category where it was just an okay year, where it wasn't a failure, but it wasn't an exciting year for you, there are two things you need to focus on.
1. What didn't happen for you? What did you fail at? What did you not execute? What got in the way where you got sideways?
Again, I want you to think about behaviors, habits, mindsets, and things we can't control. Here is another thing you need to think about - don't sit there and say "well, the economy screwed me, the market screwed me, or a few political things screwed me." 
In other words, deflect responsibility because if you're doing it now chances are you've done it your entire career and that must stop.
2. Now it's time to focus on what did I do really well? Maybe you executed something really well for a long period of time or a short period of time and then you abandoned it due to vacations or you got bored.
So if you're in that middle category, I need you to look at both sides - what did I do well and what do I need to improve upon?
When you're in that middle ground a lot of the time you did really well during certain weeks with morning rituals and discipline, but other weeks you may have wondered why you even bothered to come in the first place.
That's the inconsistency element, so you need to think how much of that was due to the fact because you were being inconsistent?
Now if you're in the third category and it was a year to forget remember the past is the past and the past doesn't equal the future.
I've worked with advisors where it was between scarcity, failure, and abundance. They kind of wove through there for decades - then we helped them get their breakthrough.
Here's what it really boils down to success in business is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics. If you're sitting there focusing on mechanics your entire year thinking I need systems, a CRM, a podcast, videos etc, but you think I don't know if I deserve it and your mindset isn't there - you're going to struggle.
So if you're in category three you need and must focus on your mindset for a better year in 2019. You need to focus on mindset, morning rituals, and a mental diet - the three M's of success.
Everyone here gets a blank slate for 2019, so I need you to focus on that and you also need to come up with a killer business plan, so let's make sure we accomplish this between now and the beginning of January.
If you have any questions please reach out to me on LinkedIn or by visiting Look forward to talking soon!
With 2019 just around the corner, I am excited to let you know I have just released a brand new 3-part video series "Your Ultimate FA Business Plan For 2019". I completed shooting this a few weeks ago after my 2019 Business Planning Retreat.

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