The DNA of Top FAs

podcast Oct 20, 2017

Since I’m on a Strategic Break, this podcast will actually be a recording of a recent PracticePower Academy Webcast titled “The DNA of Top FA’s”. The description is below, have a great week.

In this 75 min webcast, Coach Joe Lukacs will explain what the habits, beliefs, strategies, and systems of some of his most successful clients and partners.

You will learn:
- The “X” factors that are critical to your success.
- How to break down the barriers that have held you back.
- The 80/20 rule of success.
- How to avoid slumps.
This podcast is brought to you by PracticePower Academy, the financial service industry’s only 100% free coaching and training resource. Create your business plan, marketing plan, learn how to structure your mornings and days for success, access over 300 hours of training free. Go to and claim your free membership.



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